Finally Saturday!!!

  • December 05, 2015
  • By Enfadhilah Amrullah

Today is not really that special days but ya, saturday is the best day of the week especially when you free that Friday too, like me!!! Ho ho ho. So why SATURDAY?-well as I write this post on saturday that's all. HA HA HA

So what things do you do on a saturday ?

ME ?

I am just.....
Wait, I will explain what such I have been doing on Monday-Friday. 
Monday         : SCHOOL      
Tuesday         : SCHOOL
Wednesday    : SCHOOL
Thursday       : SCHOOL oh yeah I have presentation too!
Friday            :, I went to a Theater, yuhuuu

And Finally Saturday!!!
Now, really think hard, should I write what exactly I do today or what you should be doing on saturday?
Let me try, and keep reading guys =D

1. Wake up early

I do always the same, because I prayed Fajr so yeah :D but best things I don't to worry about to sleep again after pray :p but when you don't really need,better to stay awake ;)

2. Breakfast

As always you need to breakfast, but not fast as to do on Monday, so I take my time to enjoy my breakfast while watching Anime.

3. Skincare

Perfect time, you have time to scrub and mask face and body (DIY mask is the best)

4. And then I...... think about lunch

HA HA HA yeah saturday is EAT EAT EAT

maybe now I think, what should you be doing on saturday :

5. Hang out with friends

Maybe you can invite some friends and go.. anywhere, "kalau gak hujan" Indonesian rule!

6. Watch the movie

Since cinema in Indonesia is cheap than here (Germany). so... just go and have some fun!

7. Sport!

Ha ha ha-_- but this is not bad idea, go outside and sweat boys is new sexy one ((apasih))!! :p

8. Dinner with family

:" I miss this this moment! Hope you enjoy quality time with your mom, dad, brother/sister.

So.....that is all things to do on my saturday, spend my weekend at home + write this post hihi

And enjoy your weekend guys, it's the freakin' Saturday !!!

Liebe Grüße (k)

p.s.: Grammatically problem everywhere~~

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