2015 Ongoing

  • January 31, 2015
  • By Enfadhilah Amrullah

Happy New Years !! cheer HAHAHAHA

I know, it's been too late, 3 week since the beginning of 2015 (I am in exam week, and focus on it) 
I think this post, I can't write too much,it's in english, i'm not good for it, sorry ;-(

I think it's better to look back the resolution last year, what I have accomplished so far~

See different ? yes, last year I can't post 1 week 1 article, and I will try it again!! and 1 month 1 book.
But wait,, I have one more place.  What is required for a resolution 2015?

One the big deal ! 45 WEIGHT !! YEAH

I have more important things to fill my resolution this year.  I will be better person, oke all of people want it too, BUT HOW?

The first step toward becoming a better person is write them down on a piece of paper, or better yet, start from now!

So I did, I started to be positive thinker, never hate, thanks to God and more forgive. And then the important point is PRAY HARDEST and still study hard!

When predicting the outcome of a situation (like exam or anything else), ask how you can best achieve a good result.
That's help you to learn to love yourself. Think positively and stop criticizing yourself.
Be proud of yourself !! (f)

Insya Allah, 2015 to be better person and B+ ongoing. Bismillah :)

Liebe Grüße (k)

p.s : wrong wrong Grammar everywhere~

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