• March 11, 2016
  • By Enfadhilah Amrullah

1000 Days not sure if it the right count, how can I remember ? Hahaha We have not the exact date of me and you to be US, but let me try to remember 1000 days before today, the day when he said . . . "I'm still loving you"

He is my classmate for one years in high school, i remember not liking him at all , hmm ya it is means I liked him as my best friend even he already said liked me more than just a friend, I just respect him, come on he is one of my rival in class,  the 1st rank in our class and i envy him sometime -,-

So we are just as best friend till we were high school graduate in 2011.
I studied abroad and
We've lost contact.

And 2013 I come back to Indonesia, I getting short messages from you and we meet again. ( oh yeah. i would like to write about how we really meet again, oke in other articles  ;) )
Then we started again to talking each other and felt comfortable like always, yes maybe we were just perfect as bestfriend. :)

The 1000 days before today, you just looked at me and said " I'm still loving you",  " yes I know"  i answered and laughed out loud. 
But I should let you know "wait on me" and
yeah you said "I will waiting for you before you just say that, i just wanna love you and stay with you".
The day after i'm back to germany.

1000 days you become that person I would look for when I was sad, when I was worry about my new Uni's life or in trouble, when I have homework and you're the best thing I ever known.

Thank you for 1000 days stay with me although we've thousand miles apart.
Loving me for 1000 days more more and more . . .
If you can wait for me, I'll stay with you.


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